Baftog Global Resources Limited

We believe in keeping to our word, ensuring optimal commitment in adding value to our employee, client and stakeholder experience. When you partner with BGR+™, you partner with a powerful network designed to help successfully drive your business at the global, regional and local level.


To be the leading Supply Chain Solutions, Franchise Management and Project Management Company in Africa.


With our strong global network, expertise and years of experience at your disposal, we are committed to drive your business to its highest pinnacle of success.

Core Values - Choice


Our business is built on integrity. We follow clear ethical guidelines and strictly enforce them throughout the company.


As a service provider we are committed to the success of our clients. We are fully dedicated to all projects and assignments we take on. We are also committed to our employees’ career development and to meeting shareholders’ expectations.

Value Creation

We create real value for our clients, employees and shareholders through innovative solutions, rewarding careers and financial growth.


We believe in true openness and transparency throughout our company. Our management actively encourages open communication and dialogue at every level of the organisation.


We believe in excellence and practise a continuous process of improvement and innovation.

Baftog Global Resources Limited - BGR+™ (RC 916387) is a leading Supply Chain Solutions, Franchise Management and Project Management Company, incorporated in 2010. Our expertise, work ethic and experience, enables us to diligently preserve our outstanding record of quality service and results. Closely working with our clients throughout the process to plan and deliver customized, on-time solutions and deliverables.