Finishings in Building Project

The finishing touches on new construction projects can make or break the final design. Our team will work with you to make sure your interior and exterior finishes look and work perfectly so you can enjoy them for years to come.

BGR+™ project managers are thoroughly skilled in everything from applying decorative finishes to installing functional apparatus - from basic utilities to high-tech connections for state-of-the-art office and home environments. Our Interiors Team is prepared to handle any size project, from modifications and expansion to complete office and home build-out.



Each area of your building has a different purpose, mood and style. We will help you select the best color and finish for your interior and exterior paint. Our restoration experience provides us with expertise in period-appropriate choices for buildings with a historic look and feel, and we can do a variety of faux finishes. Or if you want the modern look of high gloss / car finish paint, we have the skill to complete that, too.


As part of our project management package, we will take care of the delivery and installation of your selected decoration, fittings, furnishings and equipment. Through regular site meetings, proper co-ordination of product orders, managing vendors and effective troubleshooting of any issues that may arise during your interior design project, we ensure and on time and on budget outcome.

Project Portfolio

● Class A Office / Renovations

● Light Industrial Office / Warehouse

● Manufacturing Facilities

● Medical Offices / Hospitals / Laboratories

● Additions / Expansions

● Residential Remodeling / Renovations

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Finishings in Building Project

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