Franchise Management

The basic premise of BGR+™ Franchise Management is that you can franchise your business effectively and with great results without large upfront fees or high overhead for your new or existing organization. BGR+™ offers marketing and sales support to new and existing franchisors. We offer:

● Higher Valuation - Our price-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is higher than other companies in the industry

● Save Money – Franchised Growth requires less overhead

● Better Management – Less employees, more vested owner operators

● Rapid Growth – Build a Brand FAST


International Sourcing

Our expertise and proficiency in sourcing from the global market for goods and services across...[Click to Read More]

Outsourcing Companies

BGR+™ dedicated global network of experts in the Industry enables us to deliver committed services in...[Click to Read More]

Project Supervision & Management

BGR+™ sources and coordinates delivery of high-quality materials and services which invariably reduces...[Click to Read More]

Finishings in Building Project

BGR+™ uses its technological solutions and expertise to support our clients business strategy, not...[Click to Read More]

Baftog Global Resources Limited - BGR+™ (RC 916387) is a leading Supply Chain Solutions, Franchise Management and Project Management Company, incorporated in 2010. Our expertise, work ethic and experience, enables us to diligently preserve our outstanding record of quality service and results. Closely working with our clients throughout the process to plan and deliver customized, on-time solutions and deliverables.